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Frank Crimes

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Artist: Moose Blood
Song: Carbis Bay
Album: Moving Home

Moose Blood - Carbis Bay

let’s stay until the sun goes down and talk about records 

drink until we’re drunk

don’t worry, we are young 

we’ll talk about what’s important 

like your favourite Dashboard song

your favourite film of last year 

and where our lives went wrong 

don’t worry about the weather or how cold it is outside 

I promise to make this better if you stay with me tonight 

we’ll listen to American Football, 

sing along to Never Meant

I’ll hold your hand till you are sleeping 

so glad that I spent tonight with you

Posted: Thu February 14th, 2013 at 6:09pm
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    We’ll listen to American Football, sing along to Never Meant. I’ll hold your hand ‘till you are sleeping, I’m so glad...
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    Moose Blood // Carbis Bay
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    best song ever, such a shame it makes me sad.